In the Future, Will There Still be Room on the Road for Muscle Cars?

"Reinventing Mobility," chapter three of the BMW Documentaries Film series "Wherever You Want To Go," is availabe online at  In this installment, the series sets out to identify the complexities and tensions of the future of mobility as rooted in popular theories of today.  In particular, the film looks at the massive behavior changes needed to reinvent mobility into simpler and more efficient forms, and what we all may have to give up to achieve it.

As evidenced in the film, the future of mobility is clearly complex.  We are entering an exciting future that will feature an entirely new DNA for the automobile based on electricity and hydrogen from renewable sources.  The automobile of the future will be connected to every other car on the road, enabling communication between vehicles and everything else along the roadway.  As a result, the automobile of the future will be nearly sentient and may literally drive and park itself.  But is the automobile of the future worth the price of losing the romance and excitement that comes from the rumbling and powerful cars we love and cherish?  In the future, will there be room for both?