Los Angeles County Fire Department's "Go Green Initiative" Has Been Validated With the DynoValve

The Los Angeles County Fire Department has validated the DynoValve after testing the emission reduction PCV valve on multiple vehicles over a two-year period.

In a letter confirming positive emissions reduction testing results, the DynoValve has demonstrated substantial reduction in emissions of Hydro Carbons, Carbon Monoxide, and Oxides of Nitrogen. LACOFD also recognizes additional DynoValve benefits of reducing carbon build up in engines, thus extending the engine life of their vehicles and is eager to review testing results of potential fuel savings.

The significance of validation from the LACOFD cannot be overstated. The L.A. County agency covers 2,200 square miles, has more than 190 stations, and provides fire and EMS services to 58 cities with 22 battalions, making it the largest county fire department in the United States.

Based on the positive experience, the LACOFD anticipates retaining the current DynoValves installed on department vehicles and possibly expanding the program with SaviCorp to include other vehicles in the 700 medium and light-duty fleet. In addition, LACOFD looks forward to reviewing the results of the Miles Per Gallon pilot program on multiple gas-powered vehicles that is currently being implemented. The department is also interested in participating in the pilot program with the DynoValvePro on their diesel power emergency response vehicles and equipment.

Because of the highly favorable emission LACOFD test results, SaviCorp has expanded its current marketing force specifically targeting county fire departments, municipalities, and public fleets, starting with California and then growing on a national scale.

"To earn the confidence of the most prestigious County fire department in the nation demonstrates the DynoValve's strong potential to help municipal, state and business fleets to significantly lower emissions and extend fleet engine life," said Serge Monros, SaviCorp founder/CEO. "The DynoValve Executive Order (State of California) exemption status may allow many California municipal fleets to acquire funding through the 'Go Green Initiative' should they choose to embrace the many benefits of the DynoValve and DynoValvePro going forward."