A Mattress for Truck Slumber and Mopping Up

Company says hazardous material cleanup can be as simple as putting its mattress under the spill.

In an industry where one hazardous material spill can easily reach low six figures, Brooklyn Bedding has engineered and developed a mattress that doubles as a spill containment device. In the event of a spill, a driver simply pulls his mattress out of the truck and places it under the spill. The Mattress Fuel Bucket can contain up to 60 gallons of fuel.

Trucking companies continually deal with diesel fuel spills from accidental causes including: collisions with fixed objects, motor vehicle accidents, and even mechanical failure such as accidental fuel line separation. Whatever the cause, truckers have to act immediately to capture as much of the fuel as possible to avoid fines and cleanup costs. The challenge comes when truckers try to use fuel spill kits that cannot be located and/or are insufficient to contain the spill.
As Brooklyn Bedding owner John Merwin says, “A driver never loses his mattress.” Merwin has a patent pending on his product, The Mattress Fuel Bucket.

Recently, a nationally recognized, Fortune 500 trucking company tested the product on a portion of its 14,000-vehicle fleet. According to a press release from Brooklyn Bedding, the trucking company saved tens of thousands of dollars in cleanup costs and potential state and federal fines from several fuel spill incidents.

The Mattress Fuel Bucket is lightweight, allowing drivers to easily maneuver it.

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