Emory Conference Center Hotel Continues to Find Innovative Ways to Promote Sustainable Operations

Emory Conference Center Hotel, Atlanta's first LEED-Silver Certified Conference Center Hotel, is redoubling its recycling efforts by finding interesting ways to recycle partially used soap and shampoo.

"Guests take advantage of the free soap we provide, but many leave the partially-used bars behind," said, Kathy Johnson, Hotel General Manager. "When we learned about 'Clean the World', a nonprofit group that promotes improved hygiene around the world, it made sense to participate. They take partially used soaps, clean and sanitize them, then process them for re-use. Recently nearly 8,000 pounds of soap were distributed in Haiti as part of the ongoing relief effort," explained Johnson.

The hotel also donates partially used shampoo and conditioner to an area church for use in its outreach to the homeless.  "In the past we had to discard so many used bars of soap and bottles of shampoo.  I am thrilled that now we are able to reduce the amount of waste we generate, and recycle it for use with groups that serve important needs," added Johnson.

Additional green business practices at the hotel include:

    * The reuse of kitchen oil as biodiesel fuel for Emory University's shuttle fleet.
    * Single stream recycling where paper fibers are comingled, allowing an increase in the amount of materials recycled.
    * A third of the hotel guests choose to conserve water and energy by not having their sheets and towels changed daily.