How to Earn LEED Success

MyGreenBuildings LLC of Sarasota, Fla., recently won Platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design from the U.S. Green Building Council for this beach house. The company shared its checklist for success, noting that the more of these features that can be incorporated, the more points a project can earn.

Platinum LEED beach house

LEED Checklist

1. Vegetated roof garden (some plants edible) with rainwater harvesting system and cisterns.

2. Photovoltaic (solar power) on roof.

3. Solar domestic hot water system on roof.

4. Window and other glass are impact-resistant and Energy Star-rated.

5. HVAC high efficiency heat pumps.

6. Native landscaping with no permanent irrigation necessary.

7. Walls covered in American clay, no paint or chemicals and no volatile organic compounds VOCs).

8. Terrazzo floors and bathroom tiles made with recycled content.

9. Counter tops GreenGuard certified; no VOCs, recycled content.

10. Lighting LED and low-wattage halogens throughout.

11. Occupant sensors automatically control lighting.

12. Structure built with insulated concrete, covered with high-reflectance paint.

Design was by Ron Sivitz.

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