AquaBok Provided In-situ Sediment Treatment at Manufactured Gas Plants

AquaBlok, Ltd., a manufacturer of composite particle materials and provider of a low-permeability thin cap sequestering technology, reported successful applications of a range of in-situ treatment materials at historic Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) sites during 2010.

Over the construction season, the company supplied a range of materials to remediate sediments at five MGP sites and one additional petroleum contaminated site. The installations are in Maine, New York, Indiana, and Massachusetts.

Materials included application of organoclay-based in-situ treatment materials and the implementation of a second full-scale horizontal funnel-and-gate type approach.

One significant challenge at these sites involves implementing an approach to minimize the appearance of sheens on the water from residual seepage from the shoreline "wedge." The wedge is the triangular area of the site that slopes from the shoreline (generally the previously remediated up-land area) down to the sediment (below water level). At a site in upstate New York, the remediation team implemented a horizontal funnel and gate configuration of a combined in-situ treatment and capping approach. The key advantage is that this approach removes both residual contamination and reduces the potential for sheens that can be caused by isolated seep zones.

AquaBlok, Ltd. has a long history in the environmental industry and a range of products used in sediment remediation technologies. The company uses its delivery system in a range of other products including, pond and industrial impoundment sealing, as seep collars on piping, to construct cut-off walls in porous soil conditions, and flood control applications.

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