EREF Issues RFP for Sustainable Solid Waste Management Research

The Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF) is a grant-making institution that funds research related to the sustainable management of solid wastes from municipal and construction/demolition sources.

Based in Raleigh, N.C., the foundation is one of the largest sources of solid waste research funding in the United States and funds research congruent with its strategic research plan, which contains the following focus areas:

  • Waste minimization and recycling,
  • Refuse transport and collection,
  • Waste equipment and safety,
  • Organics conversion (e.g. composting, biofuels, anaerobic treatment),
  • Waste to energy/combustion,
  • Life cycle analysis related to sustainable solid waste management practices,
  • Policy analysis/economics,
  • Landfills.

Proposal submissions are requested for research related to the above focus areas. More information, including instructions on how to prepare proposal submissions, can be found at: The next proposal submission deadline is Jan. 8, 2011. Please send an e-mail to or call 919.861.6876 with any questions.

EREF is a 501(c)3 class charity that supports research to develop and evaluate new approaches to manage solid waste and funds scholarships for advanced degrees in environmental science and engineering.