Green Energy Corp Announces Commitment at Clinton Global Initiative to Bring Smart Energy to Emerging Nations

Green Energy Corp. announced its commitment at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) for developing the Global Energy Model (GEM). GEM is authored by Green Energy Corp Founder Daniel Gregory and is the first universal plan to energize developing nations with clean and renewable power.

Green Energy Corp (GEC) has contributed to smart grid strategies for more than 25 years, providing advanced software solutions and engineering services to more than 100 utilities. Mr. Gregory's recent involvement in planning the rebuild of Haiti's infrastructure highlighted the need for a holistic approach to power production and consumption in energy-impoverished countries. GEM is aligned with CGI's charter because it emphasizes renewable solutions, involves the native governments and communities in building and supporting their energy system, and provides direct economic improvement through higher education, skilled labor and new business potential.

"When a developing nation becomes energized, virtually every thread in the fabric of society is enhanced," Gregory said. "Green Energy Corp is excited to apply GEM to the rebuilding of Haiti's devastated energy infrastructure. We believe this effort will extend far beyond Haiti, and ultimately provide a blueprint for emerging nations to excel in smart energy, improved communications and enhanced economic capability."

GEM will evolve over many years and include many stages. In this initial stage, GEM will offer guidance toward a clean, reliable, and cost effective power system solution. It will culminate as the first, complete smart grid nation in the world, and provide a blueprint for other underdeveloped countries.

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