Literature Review Points to Technologies that Remove Wastewater CECs

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has published the results of an extensive review (pdf) of the recent literature on wastewater treatment technologies and their ability to remove some chemical contaminants of emerging concern (CECs).

The agency also made available a computer-searchable format of the data from the literature review. The new tools provide an accessible and comprehensive body of historical information about current CEC treatment technologies. The report discusses 16 of the more than 200 CECs present in the database, and the average percent removals achieved by full-scale treatment systems that employ six of the more than 20 reported treatment technologies.

Wastewater treatment plant operators, designers, and others may find this information useful in their studies of ways to remove CECs from wastewater. The report is not designed to promote any one technology nor is it intended to set agency policy or priorities in terms of risk. The literature review report and the searchable file were peer-reviewed for completeness and usability.

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