Watershed Academy Sets Webcast on Houston's LID Experience

At 1 p.m. EDT on Aug. 11, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Watershed Academy will sponsor a free Webcast on “Re-Visioning Landscapes with LID: The Houston Experience.”

During the past winter, the Houston Land/Water Sustainability Forum sponsored a national Low Impact Development (LID) Design Competition. The competition was created to educate design professionals, decision makers and the public on the economic, environmental and quality-of-life impacts of LID.

The design teams, most of whom had no previous experience with LID, created designs for three real developments being planned around greater Houston — a green roadway, urban redevelopment, and a suburban residential design. The webcast will feature a discussion of the competition’s ripple effect on Houston’s design/build community as well as the building ordinances in Houston.

Advance registration is required to attend this webcast. Register at www.epa.gov/watershedwebcasts.

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