NSF Grant Will Bring BlueInGreen Oxygen Technology to Gulf

BlueInGreen, LLC has received funding through the Rapid Response Program at the National Science Foundation (NSF) to deploy SDOX technology in bays and estuaries that have been contaminated from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

SDOX will deliver dissolved oxygen to targeted locations in the Gulf and will provide microbes with the oxygen required to rapidly break down hydrocarbons.

Scott Osborn, Ph.D., chief operating officer and chief technology officer of BlueInGreen says, “I thank the NSF because this grant will allow us to build equipment and take it to the Gulf so that we can do our part to help people and the region recover from this disaster. SDOX will both enhance bioremediation of the oil and provide oxygen to oysters, fish and other aquatic life that is threatened by low dissolved oxygen in oil contaminated water.”

SDOX systems were developed using NSF funds. The grant will allow engineering work to be conducted for the use of SDOX in salt water and for monitoring the movement of dissolved oxygen plumes in the tides and currents in the Gulf of Mexico. The plume of dissolved oxygen provided by SDOX can be targeted to specific locations and depths within the water column and can maintain an overall dissolved oxygen concentration that is most beneficial to aquatic life (4 mg/L and above).

BlueInGreen is determining the best near-shore locations for these early deployments. The unit that will be used in the tests funded by NSF is trailer-mounted and can be readily moved to different locations.