USAF Orders 5 Wastewater Recycling Units for Afghanistan Bases

The U.S. Air Force has selected transportable Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Recycling Systems made by Global Water Group, Inc. of Dallas for five bases in Afghanistan.

Each unit can process 20,000 gallons per day and meet the needs of 400 personnel. The systems will handle all the wastewater processing for each base. Each two-part system will be shipped in two 20-foot containers and networked together onsite. The units produce high-quality potable water and no sludge.

The Air Force plans to use the recycled water for maintenance and irrigation, but the recycled water will exceed World Health Organization and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency potable drinking standards (including NSF-Standard 53), according to the company's press release.

Working with U.S. military engineers, Global designed a process utilizing a super-charged air environment to promote better sludge digestion and combined this with its proprietary Recycling and proprietary LS3™ (water purification) components to create this processing system.

The effluent from the wastewater treatment unit flows into the recycling component, which removes remaining suspended solids down to 5-microns and recycles those suspended solids back to the digestive process of the wastewater treatment. All remaining effluent is processed through the LS3 water purification component, which removes all parasites and hazardous chemicals, and with ultraviolet light, kills or neutralizes the bacteria (E. coli) and viruses.

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