Hyflux Membrane Earns First Cryptosporidium Removal Certification

NSF International has announced that Hyflux Membrane Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. is the first company to achieve NSF certification under its new NSF Public Drinking Water Equipment Performance Certification Program.

The new certification program is based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2) and outlines additional requirements for annual facility audits, in addition to certification to NSF/ANSI Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects to increase the safety of products and materials that come into contact with drinking water.

The LT2 regulations require that membrane filtration products undergo laboratory testing to ensure the filters can perform as indicated by removing disease-causing microorganisms like Cryptosporidium, which are resistant to common primary disinfection practices such as chlorination.

NSF International conducted tests on the Hyflux Kristal K-600ET0820 Ultrafiltration (low-pressure) Membrane Module and certified it as meeting the requirements for the reduction of Cryptosporidium, with an average log removal value (LRV) of 6.5 log10, and a minimum LRV of 5.9 log10. The product also is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61, which is the American National Standard for drinking water products.

NSF operates EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Drinking Water Systems Center. The program has produced 9 protocols, including 28 testing plans, for technologies that are designed to remove waterborne pathogens by various filters, and to disinfect or reduce chemical contaminants in the water.

“NSF International provides water utility personnel the confidence they need to know the products they install will perform as indicated,” said Bruce Bartley, NSF International Technical Manager. “In addition, we provide ongoing inspections and certifications that ensure that products will continue to comply with the EPA’s LT2 requirements and remove disease-causing microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium.”

A complete listing of all products certified by NSF can be found on the company's Website.

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