Florida Governor Inquires about Osprey Biotechnics' Technology

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist visited the offices and laboratories of Osprey Biotechnics, Inc. recently to discuss the company’s proprietary microbial compound “Munox,” an Osprey product that naturally biodegrades petroleum. Crist is interested in seeing if Munox can help with remediation efforts related to the recent BP oil spill.

Victoria Finley, Osprey’s vice president of business development, described Munox as “a microbial natural product which will help degrade the oil” currently washing ashore along various parts of the Gulf Coast. “Munox is a patented technology, safe for the environment, and has been in use country-wide for 20 years for soil and groundwater remediation from petroleum contamination,” she said. Finley added that Munox is a product in use under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Design for the Environment” (DfE) program.

Company officials said Governor Crist has contacted the Florida Department of Environmental Protection about Munox in recent days. Finley said that Osprey “has also reached out to BP, but we have not heard back from them.”

Munox is a non-pathogenic bio-safety level 1 compound that is safe for fish, wildlife and other aquatic creatures. Munox microorganisms consume petroleum molecules and leave water and a minute amount of carbon dioxide as byproducts. After the petroleum is consumed, the naturally occurring microorganisms die off.

Following a meeting with Osprey officials and a tour of the company’s laboratories and production facilities, Crist said, “as someone who grew up on this coast of Florida, I recognize that it’s important we have all hands on deck ,. When Floridians respond, great things can happen. I am here today because I am anxious to learn more about your product and how it may protect Florida from the effect of this oil spill.”

The company is located in Sarasota

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