Kroff: Technology Eliminates VOCs in Metal Fabrication

Kroff Process Technologies, a newly formed business that serves the fabrication and primary metals industries, says it has developed a technology that eliminates the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are a byproduct of the metal fabrication process, without compromising the process.

Kroff, Inc., a wastewater treatment chemicals company, recently incorporated Kroff Process Technologies to provide cutting-edge technology and chemicals to the metal fabrication industry.

“A typical metal fabricating facility yields 50,000 to 100,000 pounds of VOCs per year,” said Jason Johnson, senior applications specialist. “With our technology, we completely eliminate VOCs, which clearly should reset accepted industry standards for cutting fluids. At this point, fabricators should settle for nothing less.

“We’ve eliminated certain chemical components that have historically been part of the makeup of cutting fluids. By doing so, fabricators can truly cut with the lubricant components of the fluid, resulting in as much as a 10 percent life extension on tooling equipment.”

Eliminating VOCs from cutting fluids improves air quality, reduces fabricator issues with the cutting fluids and results in fewer reportable incidents.

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