Fuzzy2 Skimmer Material at Work in Gulf Oil Cleanup

Abanaki Corporation reports that its patent-pending Fuzzy2 oil skimmer material has been at work on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for 38 days and is exceeding expectations by recovering up to 385 gallons of oil per minute from the water's surface, more than three times the capacity of ordinary skimmer material.

The Fuzzy2 material is attached to the surface of 30-inch diameter skimming disks on a floating skimmer made by CRUCIAL Inc. of Gretna, La. CRUCIAL has tested the material in front of oil clean-up experts, and the company expects to see an increase in orders for its disk skimmer equipment.

A disk skimmer uses a rotating disk to remove oil from water. Oleophilic (oil attracting) material collects oil as the disk passes through the water, and wiper blades scrape off the oil for collection. Fuzzy2 has a hairy surface that increases its surface area, making it more effective at removing oil floating on the surface. According to Tom Hobson president of Abanaki, "The beauty of the Fuzzy2 is that it can be retrofitted to virtually any brand of drum or disk type skimmer out there, making it possible for existing skimmers to triple their pickup rate."

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