Citation Product Helps Identify Applicable Regulations

Citation Technologies Inc. says its Compliance Continuum product now offers companies the ability to determine regulatory applicability and manage environmental, health and safety compliance in the United States.

“Companies often overlook some of the rules that apply,” said Lisa Haas of Haas Consulting. “They know the ‘big ones’ but they frequently don’t know all of them.”

The product was created as a cost-effective way for organizations to create and maintain a current and comprehensive compliance program. The Applicability Review Tool (ART) component shows users exactly which regulations apply to their facility and recommends specific actions to achieve compliance. It also informs users when there are changes to the regulations or recommended actions that are applicable to their facility.

"Effective compliance requires a team effort. The Continuum puts everyone on the same page and keeps them up-to-date,” said Randal Meske, Citation’s president.

Recently, a lubricant blending plant operating without a compliance plan used the Continuum to generate a complete list of applicable regulations. By starting with the correct list of requirements, ART allowed the company to build and implement an effective compliance plan.

The Compliance Continuum, launched in April 2010, also enables companies to determine regulatory applicability in more than 65 countries.

For nearly 20 years, Citation has helped the environment, health and safety industry comply with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Today, Citation’s products go beyond compliance -- they help manage risk, and they do it for many industries around the world.

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