Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority Wins Stockholm Award

Ek Sonn Chan

In recognition of its world-class performance in water supply and self-sufficiency, the Cambodian Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) under the leadership of General Director Ek Sonn Chan has been named the winner of the Stockholm Industry Water Award 2010.

Decades of conflict left the Phnom Penh water supply system running low until 1993, when Ek Sonn Chan was appointed general director of the PPWSA. Together with his team, he managed to refurbish the whole supply system, introduce cost-effective billing and payment collection methods, as well as world class management to provide water to almost all of the city’s residents. To see a 7-minute video on PPWSA's work, go to this link..

“The PPWSA has successfully fought corruption and shown this can be achieved in a developing country on a large-scale basis using simple but effective management techniques that are based on well-accepted business principles and strategies,” said the International Award Jury in its citation. PPWSA will receive the award during the World Water Week in Stockholm 2010, which is being held Sept 5-11.

Ek Sonn Chan said the award puts his organization in the same league as other world-class water industry organizations, reinforcing their drive toward achieving future objectives. “My team is encouraged by this prestigious award to carry on our mission to increase our collection efficiency, improve water regulation, and provide water continuously for a price affordable by our society through good management and cost-recovery practices and despite increases in electricity and other costs,” he said.

The Stockholm Industry Water Award recognizes the business sector's contribution to sustainable water management, by minimizing water consumption and environmental impact. It is given to any sector of business and industry. The Award was established in 2000 by the Stockholm Water Foundation in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. It is administered by Stockholm International Water Institute.

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