Recycling Center Contracts for 397-kW Solar Project

BLT Enterprises has contracted Solar Power Inc. to design and construct a 397-kW photovoltaic (PV) solar system to provide power for the company's Fremont Recycling and Transfer Station.

The station handles the recycling and disposal needs for the residents of the Tri-Cities area (Fremont, Newark and Union City) and in 2009 recycled nearly 14,000 tons of material.

Solar Power, Inc. will design and construct the solar system, which will include a mix of rooftop racking and parking shade structures on which the 1,776 solar modules will be mounted. Once completed, the solar system will produce more than 576,000 kWh of electricity, and deliver more than $128,000 in savings during its first year of operation. The system will reduce the electrical utility costs of operating the station by more than $4.24 million over 25 years. In addition to cost savings, during its first year of production the solar plant will produce environmental offsets equivalent to preserving 3.1 acres of forest and 447 metric tons of avoided carbon emissions.

“We are very pleased to be adding this solar system to our Fremont operation,” said Shawn Guttersen, vice president of BLT Enterprises. “It is a complement to our core values and mission to provide the means for environmentally responsible recycling and disposal of waste materials produced by communities across California,” Guttersen concluded.

BLT Enterprises is a privately owned, Southern California-based company that has specialized for more than 20 years in the development and operation of Material Recycling Facilities and transfer stations, as well as the processing and marketing of recyclable materials.