Global Water Summit Announces Water Technology, Idol Awards

The Global Water Awards for 2010 were presented by Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan in Paris recently. The awards, now in their sixth year and hosted by the major financial conference for the water industry, recognize the most important achievements of the past year, in both public and private sectors.

Within each of the 12 categories, a shortlist of four contenders was decided by the Global Water Intelligence Awards Panel following nominations made by the subscribers of its magazine of the same name, the Water Desalination Report, and members of the International Desalination Association. The winners and finalists who won a "distinction" are listed below.

Water Technology Idol

Michiel Lensink, CEO, Voltea FTC Technology
The electrically-driven Flow Through Capacitor (FTC) process was jointly developed by Unilever and Biosource to desalt brackish water. Operating at 90 percent recovery, it uses less electricity than RO or EDR and is not sensitive to fouling or scaling. Applications range from domestic dishwashers to industrial boilers to municipal treatment plants.

Water Deal of the Year
New Cairo WWTP financing, Egypt – Winner (36.5 percent of the vote)
RWE’s exit from American Water – Distinction (27.3 percent)

Water Technology Company of the Year
Koch Membrane Systems – Winner (34.7 percent)
Pump Engineering Inc. – Distinction (33.6)

Water Efficiency Project of the Year
Manila Water NRW Strategy, Philippines – Winner (45.7 percent)
Instituting Water Demand Management (IDARA), Jordan – Distinction (24.3 percent)

Environmental Contribution of the Year
Frito Lay Reuse Plant, Arizona – Winner (35.9 percent)
Managua Solar Sludge Drying Facility, Nicaragua – Distinction (25.4 percent)

Industrial Water Project of the Year
Mars Food Water Recycling Plant, Australia – Winner (27.3)
Dow Freeport, USA – Distinction (26.1)

Power and Water Plant of the Year
Jubail, Saudi Arabia – Winner (35.5)
Barka II, Oman – Distinction (25 percent)

Desalination Plant of the Year
Barcelona-Llobregat, Spain – Winner (37 percent)
Shoaiba RO, Saudi Arabia – Distinction (27.5 percent)

Water Reuse Project of the Year
Changi NEWater Plant, Singapore – Winner (50 percent)
Fillmore Water Recycling Plant, California – Distinction (20.5)

Desalination Deal of the Year
Melbourne, Australia – Winner (49 percent)
Qingdao, China – Distinction (21.1 percent)

Public Water Agency of the Year
Sydney Water, Australia – Winner (44.7 percent)
San Diego Water Agencies, USA – Distinction (27.6 percent)

Desalination Company of the Year
Degremont – Winner (37.5 percent)
Hyflux – Distinction (30.7 percent)

Water Company of the Year
Acciona Agua – Winner (52.7 percent)
Cascal – Distinction (23.3 percent)

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