Plaintiff Drops Odor Suit against Converted Organics' Plant

Converted Organics Inc. reported that the lawsuit filed in the Middlesex County Superior Court in New Jersey on May 19, 2009 that made claims against operations at its Woodbridge, N.J., manufacturing facility, has been dismissed by plaintiff Lefcourt Associates, Ltd, et al.

The complaint had sought to halt any operations that would continue to cause or contribute to the cause of the alleged odors.

“The dismissal indicates the plaintiff was not prepared or able to prove the allegations in the complaint. We believe we have solved any issue that was attendant to our early operations and we have taken every effort to operate as a valued member of the community, providing jobs and recycling food waste. We look forward to increasing production of our organic fertilizers in the Woodbridge plant.” said Edward J. Gildea, president of Converted Organics.