Beverage Industry Releases Sector Guidance for GHG Reporting

The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) has completed the "Beverage Industry Sector Guidance for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting" Version 2.0.

The document is the first greenhouse gas (GHG) guidance to incorporate both enterprise inventory and product carbon footprinting approaches for a single industry.

“The BIER Sector Guidance document places our industry in the forefront of corporations that are seeking to act in a socially responsible manner,” says David Walker, director of Environmental Sustainability, PepsiCo. “By using this document to communicate consistently and transparently to our consumers, governments, investors, and other stakeholders, we are setting the standard for uniform enterprise and product-level carbon emission reporting.”

BIER members built on existing global protocols to develop sector-specific guidance that will drive greater consistency in GHG accounting methodology across the industry. Specifically, BIER used The Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Publicly Available Specification 2050 as foundation protocols for enterprise inventory accounting and product carbon footprinting, respectively.

Included in the guidance are appendices on maturation of beverage alcohol, beverage retail and home refrigeration, transportation logistics and product distribution, and recycling allocation. Critical stakeholders, including World Resources Institute and Carbon Trust, participated in a formal review of the guidance and provided valuable comments.

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