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'Big Picture' Contest Sends Message on Nutrient Monitoring

Hach Company has announced its “See the BIG Picture” contest for municipal wastewater treatment plants in the continental United States. Designed to increase awareness about the benefits of increased testing, the contest will award three prizes:

  • $40,000 of Hach equipment to the grand prize winner,
  • $20,000 of Hach equipment to the runner-up , and
  • $20,000 of Hach equipment to the Fan Favorite recipient.

Entries must be submitted to by Aug. 31. Entrants should creatively state why they should be awarded the equipment. Submissions may take the form of a written proposal, video, song, poem and/or photographs. Prize recipients will be determined according to expected results from products requested, level of creativity, impact of award on plant and extent of the need.

Grand prize and runner-up recipients will be announced at WEFTEC2010, New Orleans, La., on Oct. 5, and the Fan Favorite recipient will be announced Nov. 2.

Kurt Tyler, Hach vice president of Marketing, said, “We want to help municipalities succeed in meeting more stringent regulations with tighter budgets.”

More frequent monitoring will help plants “See the BIG Picture” of their operations, thereby decreasing expensive chemical and energy costs while helping address one of the most sensitive environmental issues in wastewater treatment. Currently most plants only do required nutrient monitoring, so they’re unable to adjust chemical dosing or aeration to the specific changes occurring in real-time. One plant that has seen the big picture is the Mallard Creek reclamation Facility in Charlotte, N.C. They are saving more than $100,000 annually by implementing continuous ammonia monitoring to control caustic dosing. Entrants can read this story and other cost savings articles at the contest site.

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