Compactors to Help Improve East Russia City's Waste Disposal

2500 SPH compactor  

A 2500 SPH compactor system similar to what will be installed for Khabarovsk, Russia.

After years of exposure to harmful pollutants and disease-rendering elements stemming from open garbage dumps, the city of Khabarovsk, Russia has moved forward on a solution to help improve their air and water quality.

Using its U.S. sister city, Portland, Ore., as a model, Khabarovsk has developed a solid waste management plan for the city’s waste disposal. One of the main goals of this plan was to find an effective way to reduce the volume of solid waste prior to its final disposal, while at the same time, creating a more cost-effective, safer and cleaner disposal process. In Marc, Khabarovsk gave SSI Shredding Systems of Wilsonville, Ore., the “green light” to help make this goal a reality.

The compactor system will consist of two pre-load 2500 SPH EX, two-bale compactors, each with its own automated infeed conveyor. Each compactor will be designed to form two, high-density, square-ended bales that will be contained and transported to a landfill for final disposal. Compressing the waste into bales will maximize the amount of each payload and thereby reduce handling and transportation costs. These two machines combined will be able to process up to 1,200 tons of waste every day.

“This new system will not only reduce the volume of waste by compaction but will also significantly reduce the number of trips on the highway system. When compacted waste is transferred into containers for transport to the landfill, the waste is contained from spillage and leakage throughout the process.” said Dave Miller, SSI project engineer. This custom designed pre-load compactor system will be the first of its kind in Russia and the first compactor sale/installation in the country for SSI Shredding Systems.