Affresol house and garage

Welsh Company to Launch Recycled Plastic Homes

Affresol house and garage 

Affresol house and garage.

Welsh company Affresol will launch a range of eco-friendly homes and modular portable buildings made from recycled plastic waste.

The homes will be constructed of a new, low-carbon building material developed by Affresol called Thermo Poly Rock (TPR). The material is made from recycled plastics and minerals using a patented process that converts the plastics into a compound that is stronger and lighter than concrete, waterproof, fire retardant, rot-resistant and has excellent insulation properties.

A home built using TPR contains approximately 18 tons of recycled plastic waste, while each modular home contains up to four tons. TPR homes can be up to 12 percent cheaper than standard build and can be erected on site within four days. The houses have an estimated lifecycle of more than 60 years, and the TPR elements are 100 percent recyclable. The first Pilot Affresol “TPR™” frame home has been erected in Swansea, Wales.

“Our management team and business partners believe there is tremendous potential for this new product particularly with the growing focus on carbon reduction, low energy affordable homes and sustainability,” said Affresol Managing Director Ian McPherson. Ieuan Wyn Jones, minister for the Economy and Transport for the Welsh Assembly Government, said this innovative recycling technology developed in Wales illustrated the importance of companies investing in research and development.

Affresol forecasts building 3,000 homes per annum in its third year – recycling 40,000 tons of waste – with the main market being affordable public housing while its modular portable buildings can be used as classrooms, offices, showrooms, storage, and construction site offices.