VRTX Offers Chemical-Free Water Treatment at Chemical Prices

VRTX Technologies, a water treatment company specializing in chemical-free treatment for cooling towers and evaporative condensers, is now offering its chemical free water treatment service at a price similar to traditional chemical programs, according to a recent press release.

The company offers a monthly full service agreement that provides all necessary equipment and filtration, regular service and monitoring, and a continuing mechanical warranty. It is the only non-chemical water treatment company that guarantees performance of the system without requiring up-front capital invested by the customer.

With a 15-year history of successfully operating systems to build upon, VRTX engineering advances and product evolution, along with increasing sales volume, has positioned the company to supply its patented technology to the commercial, institutional, and light industrial markets at a monthly cost comparable to traditional chemical treatment methods.

“Many customers looking to adopt environmentally friendly technologies and products believe that the initial cost of those products will be more expensive than the older technology they are currently using,” said David Nicholas, chief executive officer. “Our new pricing allows customers concerned with environmental stewardship to eliminate the hazards of their traditional chemical water treatment program and reduce potable water consumption by up to 40 percent at about the same monthly cost as a quality chemical program.”

It is estimated there are more than 400,000 cooling towers already installed in the United States. Cooling towers and evaporative condensers are a major source of water consumption in a building, with more than 50 percent of non-agricultural water use in the United States being attributed to evaporative cooling. With water supplies reaching crisis levels around the globe, customers and end-users are already experiencing increased water costs and effluent restrictions. These customers are driving the market to find a sustainable and economical treatment alternative that controls scale, corrosion and bacteria.

The Schertz, Texas-based fluid technology company relies on a system that uses kinetic energy, hydrodynamic cavitation, and chemical equilibrium to control scale, corrosion, and bio-fouling without the hazards of chemical treatment.

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