SCS Engineers Celebrates 40 Years of Service

SCS Engineers of Long Beach, Calif., an environmental consulting and contracting company, is celebrating 40 years of service in the industry.

Three engineers, Bob Stearns, Tom Conrad and Curt Schmidt, founded SCS in 1970 – three weeks before the first Earth Day and eight months before establishment of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

More than 6,500 public and private sector clients have retained SCS to conduct 37,000 assignments in support of their environmental protection programs. The firm serves all levels of government and Fortune 500 manufacturing, mining, oil production, chemical, utilities, defense, and service companies, including those in solid waste, retail, hospitality, real estate, food storage and logistics. “We are able to mark this milestone only because our loyal clients have entrusted us to address their environmental challenges as if they were our own,” said Jim Walsh, president of SCS.

SCS delivers solid waste engineering services, including siting and designing landfills, transfer stations, and recycling facilities and related engineering and planning services. SCS’s biogas practice is one of the world’s largest and includes design, construction, and operation of a wide range of systems to collect biogas from landfills, sewage treatment plant digesters, and coal beds for use as renewable sources of energy.

SCS is wholly-owned by its more than 650 employees, a business model that has helped the firm grow to 47 offices in 23 states plus operations in Latin America and Asia.