AWWA Webcasts Set for March 31, April 7

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) will host the "Water Resource Strategies for Climate Change & Shortages" Webcast on March 31. The Webcast will describe the impact of climate change on a groundwater supply, predicted shortages for a surface water reservoir, and how sustainability principles can be incorporated into water planning.

Attendees will learn how to compare water supply options using triple-bottom-line methods, examine broad-based water resource opportunities, interpret potential groundwater water supply impacts resulting from changes in climate, and more.

Presenters include Frederick Bloetscher, Ph.D., P.E., assistant professor, Florida Atlantic University; Dan Rodrigo, vice president, CDM; and Rafael E. Frias III, P.E., Black & Veatch.

AWWA will host the "Disinfection By-Products: Recent Research Raises Concerns" Webcast on April 7. This Webcast will focus on the use of alternatives to chlorine for disinfection of water and the possible unintended consequences, including the formation of new disinfection byproducts.

Subjects will include investigating the use of a low dose of chloramine ahead of ozonation as a method for controlling bromate, optimization of coagulation processes to balance treatment objectives for natural organic matter and particle removal in a low-alkalinity, low-turbidity water source, and more.

Presenters include Alisha Knowles, Ph.D. candidate, EIT, Dalhousie University; Susan Teefy, principal engineer, Water Quality and Treatment Solutions, Inc.; and Darryl Jones, MS, EIT, Clemson University.

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