Parkson, Vapex Bring Odor Control to Collection Systems

Parkson Corporation and Vapex Environmental Technologies are partnering to bring Vapex's odor control technology to the North American municipal market.

"We are thrilled with the ability to offer Vapex's proven technologies," says Zain Mahmood, Parkson president and chief executive officer. "Odor control is a growing concern, and these two products will dramatically reduce the energy traditionally required to treat odors as well as improve the environment via massive reductions in chemicals used by scrubbers."

The O-Mega hydroxyl ion fogging technology eliminates odors and reduces pH corrosion found throughout wastewater systems. Instead of more traditional technologies that use a considerable amount of energy to extract and scrub the odors, the technology oxidizes the odorous space itself, eradicating odors moving high volumes of air.

The two companies will also offer the Sentinel scrubber control system. For scrubber systems, the system monitors the internal gas passing through the scrubber and reduces scrubber chemicals by up to 60 percent.

"Parkson offers an extensive distribution network across North America and 50 years of success in this market. I cannot think of a better partner for Vapex given their brand name, after sales support capabilities, and engineering capabilities," says Greg Fraser, Vapex president.

Parkson will sell into collection systems in Canada, Mexico and the Northern parts of the United States. It will deliver these solutions to all "in-plant" wastewater treatment plants across North America. Vapex will continue to sell its products directly into collection systems in the southern parts of the United States. Parkson will also work with Vapex to develop new, customized applications for specific in-plant odor-control solutions, creating efficient methods to treat offensive odors.

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