Free BOD Guide Offers Tips for Eradicating High Blanks

Hach Company is offering a free biochemical oxygen demand poster that provides easy-to-implement testing advice and recommends products for BOD analysis.

This poster offers techniques to simplify the 5-day BOD test, including suggestions for sampling, measurement and tracking, blank and sample preparation, and convenient lab supplies. One side is devoted to tips for eradicating high BOD5 blanks for better results. To receive a free poster, visit and complete the on-line request form.

"Inferior quality water, poorly cleaned bottles, and imprecise or inaccurate dissolved oxygen measurement can individually, and especially in tandem, lead to high BOD blanks," said Chris Fair, Research and Development chemist. "Focusing on these three areas (clean water, bottles, and improved oxygen measurement) can virtually assure the elimination of blank failures in the BOD test."

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