ICC Plunges into First World Plumbing Day

Everyone in the building industry knows that plumbers play a huge and critical role to protect public health and safety. But many consumers take for granted what the plumbing industry does to provide solutions while being mindful of conserving resources.

The World Plumbing Council seeks to change that. March 11 has been officially designated World Plumbing Day. Construction professionals, the public and even schoolchildren around the globe are banding together to learn how the plumbing industry continually improves the products and services the industry offers for both commercial and residential projects.

The International Code Council works with organizations like the World Plumbing Council and is highly engaged in helping communities implement plumbing applications that are more effective. The March 15 release of the Public Version of the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) is perfectly timed to coincide with World Plumbing Day.

Help spread the word about the important contributions the plumbing industry makes toward protecting public health and safety, and helping to conserve our natural resources. Support World Plumbing Day in any way you can.

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