Watershed Academy Webcast Is on Managing Estuary Nutrients

On March 1, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Watershed Academy will sponsor a free Webcast on “Managing Nutrients in the National Estuary Program.

The agency’s National Estuary Program (NEP) includes 28 estuary projects, most of which are experiencing serious nutrient enrichment issues. The Webcast includes discussion of different approaches that three NEP projects ─Tampa Bay in Florida, Delaware Inland Bays in Delaware, and Peconic Bay in New York State ─ are using to manage nutrients. Holly Greening of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, Kimberly Paulsen of the Suffolk County New York Department of Health Services, and Ed Lewandowski of the Delaware Center for Inland Bays, will speak.

To register, visit Watershed Webcasts. Slide presentations are posted in advance and participants are encouraged to download them prior to the Webcast.

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