Vestara, EXP Pharmaceutical Partner for Waste Solution

Vestara, a provider of automated pharmaceutical waste management solutions based in Irvine, Calif., announced a strategic partnership with EXP Pharmaceutical Services Corp., a pharmaceutical returns and pharmacy services company.

The partnership stems from both companies' recognition of the industry's need for an effective solution that will allow healthcare entities to properly manage pharmaceutical waste and play a key role in helping to preserve the environment.

"EXP has seen the increasing need of a turnkey solution for easily and compliantly managing pharmaceutical waste in U.S. hospitals. Vestara's EcoRex® addresses that need, and we are very excited to offer a solution that will empower our clients to help preserve the environment, be compliant, and cut costs," said Kirk Herweck, EXP's director of National Accounts and Business Development.

EXP's clients will be offered market-leading pricing and service for Vestara's EcoRex, the industry's only, and patented, Automated Pharmaceutical Waste Management Solution. This make-sense solution automates the pharmaceutical waste management and sorting process, while providing data tracking with a manifest for every piece of pharmaceutical waste that is disposed. EXP serves 70 percent of the U.S. hospital-based Reverse Distribution Market, represented by over 5,000 hospital customers.

The automated system uses barcode technology already widely used in hospitals to track drug utilization that prevents medication errors through a proprietary, continuously-updated database of more than 180,000 National Drug Code (NDC) products, to instantly categorize pharmaceutical waste at time of presentation. By automating the identification and sorting of different types of residual drugs, empty containers, and each hospital's unique admixtures, EcoRex® eliminates the human error and potential cross contamination inherent in manual sorting of pharmaceutical waste. Just as important, relevant data and an audit trail are provided in the form of comprehensive reports for client records.

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