9 Cities to Model Winning Solutions to Help Citizens

The Living Labs Global Showcase presented its award to 11 projects at a ceremony in Spain recently.

Challenges put forward in the Showcase Award included new solutions to social inclusion, citizen participation, cultural engagement, water management, and tourism. The winners are now invited to implement their solutions in the cities, to demonstrate their efficiency, and offer an important opportunity for providers to enter new markets.

The winners and their partner cities are:

  • Autonomous Sensors to Monitor Garbage Capacity in Urban Dumpsters (Urbiotica), Barcelona;
  • Energy Saving through Smart Applications (Manodo), Caceres
  • Sustainable Food (JDBytes), Chicago;
  • Local Innovation Plan (City of Sant Cugat), Eindhoven;
  • Central intelligent irrigation controller, Oeiras;
  • Sustainable Food (JDBytes) and Wikiloc Active Routes, La Selva;
  • Real-time parking management in a city, Sant Cugat;
  • Open Green Map, Stockholm; and
  • Wikiloc Active Routes and Taxi2, Taipei.

In the Autonomous Sensors to Monitor Garbage Capacity in Urban Dumpsters, autonomous sensors are incorporated into garbage receptacles, measuring the real time occupancy of individual receptacles and transmitting this information to a central control center where it then can be used to optimize resources, specifically the fleet.

Living Labs Global is a non-profit association based in Copenhagen with the objective of promoting innovation in services and mobility in cities. Cities in the Living Labs Global association represent about 100 million citizens across Europe, Asia and the United States, and are complemented by more than 290 innovative companies and institutions.

Erik van Merrienboer, vice-mayor of Eindhoven, said: "This ceremony was a wonderful occasion, giving access to high level public leaders for many young entrepreneurs with ground-breaking ideas."

Sascha Haselmayer, general director of Living Labs Global, said: “Today’s ceremony marks an important milestone in making cities more attractive and innovative for more than 50 percent of the world’s population. Juries have rewarded not just excellent technologies, but the impact they will have on our societies and the smart business models behind them. Services in cities constitute an important global market, with more than 556.000 local governments generating more than spending more than 10 percent of global GDP on public services alone.”

For more information on the winning projects, visit www.livinglabs-global.com/award.

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