PPIC Showcases Leak Detection Technology for Nuclear Plants

The Pressure Pipe Inspection Company (PPIC) of Mississauga, Ontario, will be showcasing its advanced condition assessment and leak detection solutions for nuclear power plants at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI); Buried Pipe Integrity Group Meeting on Feb. 16.

Ensuring the integrity of these water pipelines is critical to the operation of nuclear power plants as failures could lead to downtime, damage to plant infrastructure, or environmental concerns.

PPIC inspection services have been trusted by the power industry for over a decade and have been used in 100 water pipeline inspections to date. The experience gained has allowed PPIC to provide the most accurate results to the industry about the structural integrity of water pipelines. Weak points within a pipeline can be pinpointed with high accuracy for various pipe materials including prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP), cast iron, steel, plastic and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes.

The company's products include the PipeDiver™, which is designed for use in PCCP lines that are live or can’t be taken out of service; the Sahara® water pipeline inspection system, an in-line, condition assessment tool that can detect water leaks as small as 0.004 gal/min while the pipeline remains in service; and the ECAT™ technology and analysis, which can predict the remaining useful life of metallic pipelines.

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