Daleco Resources Licenses Wastewater Treatment Technology

Gary J. Novinskie, president of Daleco Resources Corporation, said his company has entered into a license agreement concerning two United States method patents held by William G. Smith of the Enviro/Sci Corporation for the treatment of wastewaters.

The technology has been employed in a full-scale wastewater treatment facility for the past four years. The license applies to the United States and covers the use of the technology in water, wastewater, and waste treatment in animal feed operations, agriculture, and aquaculture. In addition, the license applies to the treatment of sanitary wastewater on federal facilities, military bases, and lands administered by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Novinskie said that the licensed technology uses the company’s ReNuGen™ zeolite wastewater treatment product. The technology has the potential of being a cost-effective and energy-efficient process improvement and addresses the growing environmental concerns associated with the discharge of biological nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous compounds) from agricultural, commercial, and industrial sites.

Daleco Resources is a resource company with operating subsidiaries active in oil and gas, industrial minerals, and environmental remediation technology.

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