MiserWare Gives Away Energy-saving Software

MiserWare Inc. of Blacksburg, Va., is offering a free download of its MicroMiser software to Windows and Linux users. The company, founded by Kirk Cameron and Joseph Turner in 2007, was created to commercialize energy-saving technologies developed at Virginia Tech for PCs, laptops, and servers.

Early technologies were designed for shared servers, but the company is now offering energy-saving software for individual Windows-based computers – free. In laptops, energy savings equate to extended battery life while the laptop is in use.

"We set out to save the world," said Cameron, director of the Scalable Performance (SCAPE) Laboratory and an associate professor of computer science at Virginia Tech. “We wanted to spread the impact of the technologies we developed to reduce energy waste in computers by creating software for use by the masses.”

MiserWare (miserware.com) announces the availability of a free Windows version of its software that saves energy in just about any computer running Windows. Turner, vice president of engineering and Cameron's former student, said the technology is intelligent. “Our software adapts to the user’s needs. It’s like having a car that is as fast as a Ferrari when you need it, yet as efficient as a Prius.”

According to Cameron, the first MiserWare products can save as much as 35 percent of server energy use. For a typical server, savings can be $100 per year with an additional savings of $100 in reduced cooling. "The key selling point of the software is that these savings come without loss of system performance, so data center operators do not need to worry about the software affecting existing service levels," he said.

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