Feb. 12 Summit Offers Help in Planning for Carbon Laws

Businesses affected by carbon legislation, large energy consumers, and other executives responsible for strategic planning regarding energy consumption are invited to attend "Positioning Business to Succeed in the Low Carbon Economy - A Climate Change Summit."

The full-day event is hosted by Preti Flaherty, Associated Industries of Massachusetts, Environment Northeast and Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environment. The summit will be held Feb. 12 in Boston, Mass., and features leading energy experts from the Obama administration and Capitol Hill including U.S. Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.).

Presentations will cover such topics as "Where the states and the region are headed with new carbon and energy legislation and regulation" and "Moving forward with RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) and other state initiatives."

The conference is designed to assist businesses that face growing uncertainty regarding climate and energy regulation and policy. They need assistance finding the resources and answers to help them plan and position their business more favorably in the coming low-carbon economy.

Admission is $50/attendee and a complete agenda and registration are available online at www.2010climatesummit.org/.

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