NGWA Offers Groundwater Resource for Haiti's Wells

To assist earthquake relief agencies, affected government jurisdictions, groundwater professionals involved in the relief effort, and the news media, the National Ground Water Association has launched a Web page with useful information resources.

The Web page can be accessed at

The information resources include:

  • NGWA's Best Suggested Practice for Residential Well Cleaning
  • Article: Earthquakes and Water Wells
  • Article: Well Drillers Cope with Earthquakes
  • Article: Diagnosing Structural Failures in Wells
  • Article: Water Levels Drop in Quake Region
  • Article: Effects of Alaska Quake Felt at a Distance
  • Article Abstract: Hydrological Effects of the 1998 Pymatuning Earthquake in Northwestern Pennsylvania
  • Contact information for organizations involved with overseas groundwater projects.
"What NGWA offers is expertise about groundwater and wells," said NGWA Public Awareness Director Cliff Treyens. "Through this Web page, we want to make that expertise available for those people who are on the ground helping in Haiti and for those who want to help from afar."

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