Pelosi: Talks at COP-15 Find that Clean Energy Good for Businesses

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Friday said that she and other members of the bipartisan Congressional delegation to Copenhagen spoke with American business leaders and colleagues in the European Parliament abut the House passed clean energy bill.

"Our bipartisan delegation, which includes 21 Members of the House, has held two days of highly productive meetings and discussions during our visit to the Copenhagen climate meeting. This morning, our delegation discussed responses to the climate crisis with representatives of many of the leading American companies, including such innovators as Google, Honeywell and Whirlpool," Pelosi explained. "These business leaders informed us that their businesses are thriving in the fields of energy efficiency and green technologies. They stressed that the funding provided by the Congress through our Recovery Package has been crucial to their making the investments that are producing jobs for Americans and new products that promote energy efficiency, specifically smart grid technology."

She noted that representatives of the European Council of Ministers explained that their various countries have not only complied with carbon reduction mandates but have simultaneously achieved economic growth and job creation through new clean energy technologies.

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