BioAir Products Remove Wastewater Treatment Odors

Using its proprietary EcoBase™ synthetic media, BioAir Solutions has developed an extensive line of odor control products that remove organic and inorganic odorous compounds from industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plant airstreams, according to a recent company press release.

The products, which can treat airstreams from 100 cfm to over 100,000 cfm, include the scalable EcoFilter™ and EcoPure™ offerings.

The EcoBase™ synthetic media provides a uniform air flow distribution, optimized mass transfer of odor compounds, and a controlled microenvironment enabling the growth and proliferation of specific odor-removing bacterial species. The media has been proven to remove more than 98 percent of all odors, including more than 99.9 percent removal of hydrogen sulfide odors without the use of chemical scrubbers or carbon adsorbents.

According to Louis le Roux, president of BioAir, the company spent considerable effort to develop the technology.

"We invested heavily in research and development to perfect the biological-based odor removing technology that uses no hazardous chemicals or carbon, which ultimately must be replaced and disposed. With the increased bacterial population capacity, uniform air flow distribution and controlled mass transfer designed into the EcoBase media, we can treat higher odor loadings in approximately 40 percent of the time needed for comparable commercially systems, which is what the industry has been seeking,” le Roux said.

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