Durr VW Plant

Volkswagen Uses Dürr Paint Line in Tennessee Plant


Durr VW Plant 

Dürr is installing a top coat line system at the new Volkswagen production plant that will include an energy-saving dry separation system called the EcoDrScrubber.

Dürr Systems' EcoDryScrubber will debut at the new Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. It is an integral part of the top coat line, systems, and equipment being installed.

The dry separation system for wet paint overspray will go into operation on the top coat line for the new mid-class saloon car that has been designed for the North American market. The EcoDryScrubber recirculates up to 95 percent of process air, guaranteeing high process stability.

The system lowers energy consumption within a complete paint shop by up to 30 percent and in the spray booth by up to 60 percent. It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions. In addition to the top coat line, which includes robots and application technology, Dürr is installing the PVC area with underbody protection, cavity sealing, and seam sealing equipment. The conveyor and paint supply systems are part of paint shop line, and production ramp-up is scheduled in the autumn of 2010. Up to 150,000 vehicles a year will roll off the new plant production line in 2011.

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