Stimulus to Fund Work on Upper Springbrook Creek

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, awarded an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act contract Nov. 16 to Anchor QEA to begin design of the Upper Springbrook Creek Ecosystem Restoration Project.

The $196,104.43 contract funds the design phase of the project. The Upper Springbrook Creek project will restore a 900-foot stream currently running through a roadside ditch along the north side of South 55th Street in Renton, Wash.. By building a new channel, the project will maximize the habitat and spawning potential for this section of stream. The project also will include a new culvert under the street to aid in fish passage. The Upper Springbrook Creek is one of the few remaining spawning areas for coho in the Green/Duwamish River watershed.

The City of Renton is the local sponsor for the project.

“This award marks a significant step in our efforts to restore critical habitat for salmon and to improve water quality in our watershed,” said Jay Covington, chief administrative officer, City of Renton. “We also appreciate the King Conservation District for providing grant funding for this important project, and we look forward to working with the Corps and other jurisdictions to help protect and restore this rare natural habitat.”

The project team anticipates starting construction in the summer of 2010.

The Green/Duwamish Ecosystem Restoration Project is a comprehensive restoration program for the entire Green/Duwamish ecosystem spanning the tidal estuaries to the spawning and wildlife habitat areas in the upper basin. The Upper Springbrook Creek Park project is one of 45 separate projects that emphasize the restoration of critical habitat within the Green/Duwamish River watershed.

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