Biosolids Drying-Electric Generation Facility Starts Up

The Ventura Regional Sanitation District (VRSD, Calif.) announced the start-up of its new Biosolids Drying and Electric Generation Facility last week.

Powered by landfill gas, this unique system recycles 100 percent of its resources to provide a regional biosolids management solution and generate renewable energy for the local power grid.

VRSD will host an invitation-only grand opening event at the Toland Road Sanitary Landfill, in Santa Paula, Calif. State and local government officials and industry representatives are scheduled to attend. Tours of the operating facility will be offered, including the 80-ton-per-day biosolids dryers and the nine microturbines that generate 2.25 megawatts of electricity.

The project addresses the growing challenge of how to manage biosolids, the nutrient-rich byproduct of domestic and commercial wastewater treatment. The VRSD facility converts over 150 tons of biosolids per day into Class A, multi-purpose, recyclable material. The system’s innovative, modular design occupies a compact footprint and can be replicated at virtually any similar landfill worldwide.

For nearly 40 years, VRSD has provided environmental services to a broad range of customers in both the public and private sectors. VRSD serves more than 600,000 residents of Ventura County, providing solid waste management, water supply, and wastewater treatment in multiple locations throughout the region. As an enterprise public agency, VRSD receives no tax support of any kind, and serves the majority of its clients under contract.

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