California American Water Kicks Off Winter Conservation

California American Water is assisting its customers in reducing water use during the winter months through an education campaign that includes leak detection kits, water conservation wheels and notices to each customer, bill text messages, bill inserts, education advertising in The Acorn, automated phone calls, and conservation messages on KCLU public radio.

The campaign will include a special appeal to the customers who use the most water, asking them to do everything they can to reduce their water use.

"We've found that often customers don't think as much about saving water in the winter, and it is more important now than ever," said operations manager Al Yanez. "With new water use rules potentially going into effect, we want to help customers comply by reducing water use as much as possible. That is why between now and the end of the year we will be making customers aware of the free rebates on water-saving appliances, free water wise surveys, leak detection kits for toilets, and other conservation tools and ideas."

Yanez is referring to a proposed new rule this winter affecting California American Water customers that, if approved by the California Public Utilities

Commission, would reduce the numbers of days customers are allowed to irrigate. "We find many of our customers are turning off their irrigation completely for the winter months," he added.

Conservation tips include:

  • Water outside once per week between November and March, but consider not watering at all unless it is necessary.
  • If you must water outdoors, water in the early morning when there is less wind and sun and less water will evaporate.
  • Check outdoor irrigation systems for leaks.
  • Consider replacing lawn and other high water use plants with native, drought-tolerant plants.
  • Check for toilet leaks using a leak detection kit .
  • Take advantage of rebates on low-flow toilets and high efficiency washing machines.
  • Pick up free water-saving shower heads, hose nozzles, and faucet aerators, and gauges to see if you are overwatering your lawn.

California American Water, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Water is the largest investor-owned water utility in the state, providing water and/or wastewater services to more than 600,000 people.

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