SWANA Offers Waste Screening Course in Spanish

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has announced the completion of its first Spanish language training course, "Waste Screening at MSW Management Facilities". The training course manual presents information and examples of methods and procedures to identify and prevent hazardous wastes and other objectionable materials from entering municipal solid waste facilities.

SWANA is translating its existing training courses into Spanish in order to meet the needs of the growing Spanish-speaking workforce and the requests of several Chapters of SWANA for Spanish language materials, including the newly-formed Caribbean-Puerto Rico Chapter. A team of Spanish-speaking SWANA members worked with a translation firm, Strictly Spanishâ„¢, to produce the new Spanish training materials.

The Waste Screening at MSW Management Facilities course was updated in 2009 with the assistance of Innovative Waste Consulting Services (IWCS), a consulting firm in Gainesville, Fla. The association will be translating several other training courses into Spanish, including the updated Landfill Operations Basics Course, which is expected to be released in April 2010.

The Waste Screening course is currently being offered for home study or on-site training. Home study courses allow individuals to purchase the training materials and learn at their own pace in their home or office, while on-site training packages provide the materials necessary for an instructor to train an entire staff in the workplace.

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