Triton Water AG Appoints Kroll, Merges Group Companies

Triton Water AG, a full-service solutions provider for the design, construction, commission and service of maritime water and industrial water treatment systems, has appointed Frank Kroll from Siemens Water Europe as its new chief executive officer and has completed a merger of its group companies.

Kroll joins Triton Water from his position as Vice President and head of Siemens Water Europe. He has deep roots in water and industrial engineering including such credits as executing a successful turnaround as acting managing director of water and wastewater subsidiary of Siemens WABAG GmbH Vienna, as well as having managed the successful acquisition of water technology company USFilter by Siemens in 2004.

Triton Water’s integration of its business units represents another milestone toward the development of Triton Water AG into a market-leading mid-sized company in the water and wastewater treatment sector. Effective October 6, Osmotec Engineering GmbH, WAT GmbH, DESAL GmbH, Hansa Wassertechnik GmbH and Triton-Format AG have now been consolidated into Triton Water AG.

Kroll: “I am very excited to be joining and very pleased to see my appointment coincide with the new Triton Water AG structure. The core objective of this merger was for Triton Water AG to provide broad engineering and system competence for its customers' highly complex applications. The company will offer a unique one-stop shop for the design, construction, commission and service of industrial and maritime water treatment systems. The integration of the individual companies combines state of the art technologies and expertise, targeting cross-industry water management problems and applications and resulting in greater value for Triton Water’s customers.”

Founded in 1851, Triton Water AG is a German water technology and solutions firm based in Norderstedt/Hamburg. The company has established a strong brand in the maritime sector and has recently expanded its capabilities to industrial and land-based applications.

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