Companies Join Forces to Fight Solar Module Theft

The rapid growth of alternative energy in both commercial and home applications has unfortunately spurred increasing theft of solar panels and balance of system equipment, according to a Gridlock Solar press release. Homes and businesses across the country have seen their solar investments disappear in the middle of the night.

Gridlock Solar Security recently signed with DC Power Systems as the exclusive distributor of these innovative products.

The company offers a comprehensive suite of scalable security solutions, designed to work with virtually any major solar energy system. The patent pending devices include visual and audible alarms, communication with facility energy management and supervisory control and data acquisition systems, and wireless or land-based telephone contact with multiple owner or security contacts.

The total cost of a security system is designed to have an installed cost well under 1 percent of the total cost of a typical installation, and for homeowners can be installed on a do-it-yourself basis by mechanically inclined individuals, providing further costs savings.

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