3M Moves into Leak Detection with Sewerin Alliance

3M Track and Trace Solutions has aligned itself with Sewerin GmbH of Gutersloh, Germany, to launch a broad portfolio of water leak detection products under the 3M brand and manufactured by Sewerin.

Solutions to detect water leaks in underground piping have become critical, as more water customers and municipalities become increasingly aware of the importance of conserving water. “We are excited about the launch of water leak detection solutions in the global water market,” said Rory Yanchek, general manager of 3M Track and Trace Solutions. “This is an important market segment for 3M, and this alliance helps provide our utility customers better access to our products and solutions.”

Sewerin, a family-owned business for more than 80 years, is one of the global leaders for water and gas leak detection products offering a diverse range of products and services.

Swen Sewerin, company president, said: “This alliance with 3M allows Sewerin to combine its innovative product line with the global reach of 3M. We expect sales of the products included in the 3M portfolio to multiply, bringing a sustained improvement in our competitiveness worldwide."

3M and Sewerin will collaboratively train business teams worldwide to help ensure seamless service to customers and prospects. 3M’s experience in and knowledge of both the water and gas industry dates back to the 1960s with 3M Scotchkote pipe coating products that protect against corrosion.

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