Mansfield Oil, Yara Team Up for NOx Compliance Option

In an exclusive partnership agreement, Mansfield Oil Company and Yara International are combining forces to provide North American fleets with a diesel engine exhaust solution (DEF) that meets rigid 2010 Clean Air Act standards.

The combined DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) offering will help transportation companies meet EPA mandates while improving fuel efficiency and mileage. According to engine manufacturers, selective catalyst reduction combined with DEF improves overall fuel economy by approximately 5 percent compared to competing technologies and achieves nitrogen oxide reductions in excess of 90 percent.

“Since 1957, Mansfield’s network of hundreds of supply and distribution points in local markets nationwide has been relied on by leading fleets like Republic/Allied Waste and UPS. Yara’s expertise in reducing harmful exhaust chemicals to practically zero is a fact proven out by their strong market position in Europe,” says Michael F. Mansfield, Sr. “We’re proud to bring our customers a proven solution to 2010 emissions compliance through this partnership of expertise and experience.”

In addition to pioneering NOx abatement around the world, Yara is also the world’s largest diesel exhaust fluid producer, commercialized under the Air1 brand. “Starting today, we offer the most developed DEF supply platform in the U.S. — combining domestic production with a strong back-up global supply for serving the 50 billion gallons of diesel consumed commercially every year in this country,” says Chad Dombroski, director, Yara North America. Air1 is also guaranteed to meet ISO 22241 guidelines and is Certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Mansfield Oil focuses on optimizing and controlling fuel-related costs with local service nationwide. The company annually delivers 2 billion gallons of fuel to corporations, fleets, retailers, convenience stores, and government agencies that demand the best value from a reliable fuel supplier and a strong return on investment from fuel systems.

Yara International ASA converts energy, natural minerals and nitrogen from the air into essential products for farmers and industrial customers. Its industrial products portfolio includes DEF. Yara’s Sluiskil plant in the Netherlands is the single biggest DEF production site in the world.

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